BICYCLES FOR CAMBODIA is a non-profit organisation that aims to donate bicycles to needy children in Cambodia, providing them a mean of transportation to school. We aim to help the children better their education and other aspects of their lives by cutting down their travelling time especially when a bulk of the students live 3 to 4 kilometres away from school. The bicycles can also be used for recreational activities and as a mode of transportation to school.

Each bicycle costs about USD$45. If you are thinking of helping the needy children in Cambodia with their school transportation, you can contact us to make a personal contribution. Every bike counts, and can help.

For organisations that wish to donate more than 30 bicycles, we can help facilitate and help connect you to the schools in Cambodia.

To date Bicycles For Cambodia has provided over 1,300 students with bicycles. We want to be able to contribute more to the children of Cambodia, and with your help, we can do so.

For additional information, drop us an email at: info@bicyclesforcambodia.org

LIBRARIES FOR CAMBODIA aims to provide libraries to the needy children of Cambodia. Our aim is to help increase the literacy rate for the children of Cambodia, as well as to provide them with a source of entertainment and enjoyment with books.

If you would like to get involved with Libraries For Cambodia and wish to donate to us, we would like to hear from you. Send us an email at info@librariesforcambodia.org and we will be sure to get in touch!