Dec 2018 | 251 Bicycles | Designworx + Clement & Cynthia + EO Forum + Take 2

In December 2018, 251 bicycles, kindly sponsored by the friends of BicyclesforCambodia — Designworx, Clement & Cynthia, EO Forum and Take 2, were donated to students who are studying in Romdol Thmey Primary School, which happens to be a 2 hours drive from the city.

With these 251 bicycles, the students of Romdol Thmey Primary School will be able to commute easily to and fro home and school. This will drastically reduce the amount of time needed by the children to travel by foot which can be a huge deterrence for some children to attend school. With that, we hope that these bicycles will serve as a useful mode of transport for these children to be able to attend school and for recreational activities.



Friends of BicyclesforCambodia — Designworx, Clement & Cynthia, EO Forum, Take Two